'Twas the week before Christmas when all down your list, There were cousins, grandmothers left out, get the gist?

When, what to your net-surfing eyes should emerge, but a groovy art website- a license to splurge!

You speak not a word, but go straight to your clicks, And fill up your cart with a fabulous mix,

Of art prints and tumblers and pillows and mugs, Of phone cases, tapestries, t-shirts and rugs,

And laying your finger aside of "return", You give it a nod and a click and you learn,

That all of this loot will deliver indeed, 'Cause they print 'em and pack 'em and ship 'em with speed,

So if you sit slack jaw in front of your screen, In search of more gifts for your toddler or teen,

Just click on this link and dive into my page, Your bevy of art gifts will be all the rage!